The Gospel

What is the Gospel?

In short, Gospel means “Good News.” The “Good News” that we have received which we refer to as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that Jesus Christ (The Son of God) died for our sins, that He was buried, and rose again on the third day according to the Scriptures (the Bible). Anyone (and this means anyone) who admits that they are a sinner in need of forgiveness of sin, believes that Jesus Christ died for their sin and rose on the third day, and confesses their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord of their life can be saved.

God Created

God created everything and saw that it was very good.

Man Fell

People messed everything up that God made by disobeying Him.

God Promised

God promised to bring healing to mankind and to redeem those who would believe to live with Him forever.

God Redeems

God sent His Son (Jesus, God in flesh) to save people from sin by dying for them and leaving their sins in the grave when He came back to life three days later.

God Returns

God made another promise that one day He will return and create a new heaven and earth where those who believe in the Gospel will live with Him forever.