Our Mission, Vision & Beliefs

Our Mission

Salem First Baptist Church exists to impact our community and beyond by engaging in evangelism (we were made for a mission), discipleship (we were created to become like Christ), fellowship (we were formed for God’s family), ministry (we were shaped for serving God), and worship (we were planned for God’s pleasure).

The vision of Salem First Baptist Church is to become a growing family of committed believers with an ever increasing:

– Passion for God,

– Passion for People,

– Passion for Spiritual Maturity

– Passion to Serve

Our Vision

What We Believe

That the Bible is God’s Word, written by men divinely inspired and God’s revelation of Himself to mankind. Scripture is totally true and trustworthy as a guide for living our lives-at home, at church, at work…everywhere.


That there is one and only one living and true God. To Him we owe the highest love, respect and obedience. He is our Creator and our Redeemer.


That Jesus died for our sins. When we receive Him as Lord and Savior, we are saved forever.


That Jesus arose from the dead-is alive today-and is coming again.


That each person must decide for himself/herself to accept the gift of God’s forgiveness and eternal life by receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior.


That the Holy Spirit lives in us as Christians, teaching us, enabling us to mature spiritually, and live lives pleasing to God.That we are to love God supremely and our neighbors as ourselves.


That every person is incredibly important to God; and therefore to us.